At 5,500 pesos a night, this is expensive. A few years back, I cruised the Caribbean at only 25,000 pesos for 5 days (Converted). This is an international cruise line where name has been built already and the ship was humongous. 13 floors! So if you are going to compare that ship to this one, the 22,000 for 5 days in a small cruise start up would be expensive.

Who am I to judge? Even though if it is expensive, I am going to try it out one of these days and surely, will write about it here. Cruising has been one of my expensive past times and I never regretted each one of them. I am actually scheduled for a Mediterranean cruise this December. Hope it would not get postponed.

This cruise ship, the 7107 island cruises is owned by a local businessman Mr. Tajanlangit Sr. It has 137 rooms and could fit an estimated number of 400 guests. Complete with 5 star hotel amenities and plans to install internet facilities, this cruise ship would be a major news to the Philippine Tourism.

Hope you could lower the prices for Philippine Residents and citizens as major cruise lines does the same thing.

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  • danyap said Feb 21, 2009...
    Having a cruise liner in our country is a great news in the tourism industry. But as waht others say, i think their price is a little too expensive for filipinos and for the amenities it offer. I just recently availed their moonlight cruise for Php1,750/pax. I tird it because i wanted to see first if it is worth taking my family for a few days. Heres what i noiced. NEGATIVE : 1. Their front desk staff is not well-trained on customer service. 2. I found out that breakfast is only included on their price (not fullboard) 3. The ship was built during 1960's and came from Greece, then bought by a Thai, then bought by Mr. Tajanlangit. So the vessel already smells odd, just like the smell of a ordinary passenger ships. 4. Food was very basic, few choices. 5. Few facilities, and tiny pool (i think its good for 3 peolple only). Unless you don't really swim, 15 people would probably fit in, if theyre standing only. 6. They are docked in Pier 6 in Manila, w/c is very hard to locate for first timers. And the area looks dangerous for tourists. I'll probably catch them somwhere out of Manila to avoid this port. 7. Long qeue when boarding 8. Unorganize procedures. Like giving the guests with meal stubs. Of course, some misplace it. So why not, skip the meal stub. Anyway, i pressume all the guests onboard are legit passengers, having been thoroughly check with ID and tickets before entering the ship. 9. Their 7,107 magazine are for sale. Why not offer it for free among your guests. 10. Price is way too expensive. POSTIVE 1. Its few capacity enables personalize service. 2 Their destinations are exceptional! The best of the Philippines! 3. Waiters and waitress are accommodating (except the front desk)
  • jomelfuentes said Apr 1, 2009...
    Thank you for your comments and feedbacks. We sincerely appreciate them. We have studied, looked into them and acted on those that we can. You may get directly in touch with me at Sincerely, Jomel Fuentes Chief Operating Officer 7107 Islands Cruise
  • hobbster_hic said Mar 23, 2010...
    I won a P10k 7,107 islands cruise gift certificate in 2009 and still have not availed of it to this day because every time I call their office, they tell me there are no schedules yet and to just call back in a few weeks or the next month. I've called about five times already from 2009 until today. Their website is not updated either.

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